Armenian artists and a fashion designer Armen Yeritsyan

Armen Yeritsyan: Fashion artist and designer

As one of the Armenian artists and a fashion designer, Armen Yeritsyan knows how to turn everything into art, even the breakfasts.

We met Armen at his place in Arevatsag with breathtaking nature which is the physical evidence and the source of inspiration of his creative mind and soul.

Hi Armen. Thanks for accepting this interview. As a person, who makes the most beautiful breakfasts, how do you define yourself?

It’s a bit difficult to talk about my work, I think it’s easier for the viewers to voice their opinion.

As for the breakfasts, those are the daily breakfasts of our family, but they turned out to be popular.

From Polytechnic university to art, how did the world of fashion call you?

I liked painting and interior design from an early age even before studying at Polytechnic University.

It was not the world of fashion that called me, it was me who entered that world, it is very interesting to me and I consider it to be my main profession.

Artsy food prepared by Armenian designer Armen Yeritsyan

You started to create collages after Sergei Parajanov’s exhibition, who else is your inspiration source?

Yes, I made my first collages after Sergei Parajanov’s exhibition in Yerevan, we were all excited.

My source of inspiration can be nature, interesting people, new acquaintances, different exhibitions, music, everything can inspire me to create something new

Creative food experiments by Armen Yeritsyan

What is unique about Armenian fashion that can be presented to the world?

Unfortunately, Armenian fashion has not made a statement in world fashion yet, but I see that the young Armenian designers have no fear to do what they want, they are more creative, and it gives hope that Armenian design can move a big step forward.

Armen Yeritsyan creates his collages inspired by artist Sergei Parajanov
Images taken from the personal archive @armenyeritsyan
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