HAY-HAY Concept is a community beyond fashion with the mission to uncover cultural insights about various emerging brands, expanding into a media platform. 

It's a unique online store helps authentic designers with heritage and story reach a global market, making it easy for customers all over the world to find, shop, and enjoy fashion with cultural significance. 


Established on January 27, 2017, by Lucine Ayanian, a stylist and marketing specialist of Armenian heritage residing in Zurich, Switzerland, the idea has evolved into an international platform.

It now showcases women's and men's clothing, jewelry, and accessories from a diverse range of brands and designers worldwide.

Starting small, the online concept store began its journey with products sourced from Armenian brands. As interest grew, so did the store's ambition to diversify its offerings, leading to its expansion into a broader spectrum of products.
Today, we collaborate with brands from diverse backgrounds, celebrating creativity without borders.

Join Us

One of our main goals is to find talents and support them throughout their fashion journey, thus we are constantly looking for new and game-changing sustainable brands and designers.

No matter your location or background, if you infuse your designs with a hint of ethnic flair and desire to join the thriving HAY-HAY community, we welcome you to explore our Partner Program. We're on the lookout for unique concepts and modern designs that resonate with our global audience.

A few perks of HAY-HAY designers

  • Your designs are shown in our online store
  • Global shipping of products
  • Representation in European markets and big fashion events
  • An ever-growing loyal customer base from around the world
  • HQ in Switzerland
  • The dedicated HAY-HAY team support
  • Fashion community and coverage

You can take your collection to the next level and join our fashion community by sending a brief introduction of your brand with the recent catalog and linesheet to info@hay-hay.co or submit the application form.

As my journey with HAY-HAY continues to unfold, I've come to appreciate the rich collection of stories that each designer brings to the table. Initially, my focus was on promoting Armenian design, but as time went on, I discovered a plenty of talent from all corners of the globe. That's why I've expanded HAY-HAY to include designers from all backgrounds. It's about celebrating creativity without borders. Fashion trends may change, but our commitment to diversity and innovation remains constant.

Join us in welcoming HAY-HAY – a global community where creativity thrives.

Lucine Ayanian, Founder of HAY-HAY