Armenian Cultural and Intellectual Foundation 1920

Armenian cultural and intellectual foundation

Armenian intellectuals, nobles of the 20th century played significant role in the community of Armenians who embraced and promoted art, culture and education.

Writers and thinkers from Armenia, who have been the core of the Armenian culture and the wall of resistance, have been decided to be detained.

The art of those creators, the poems and messages – all symbolise the revival through pain, the power of creation that lead to purpose and healing.

The Artist and His Mother (1926-1936) represents the pinnacle of Arshile Gorky’s figurative paintings

The official date of remembrance for the Armenian genocide is 24 April, the day that marked the beginning of the deportation of Armenian intellectuals.

There were a lot of prominent poets, community leaders and other public figures among them who breathed and lived science and literature.

Armen Dorian, Komitas, Levon Larents, Ruben Sevak, Siamanto, Krikor Zohrab and many others were among them.

To highlight the love to the literature and art, we suggest not just reading but also feeling one of the poems written by Daniel Varoujan:


Muse of my ancestors,

tell me how the plowman,

grabbing the crooked horns of his plow,

tears the barren breast of the earth;

how the torrents of the sun fertilize wounds

Tell me how one raises bundles of tawny wheat,

how the mill-stones whine, how the dough

overflows from the mixer, how

one shoves it in for a trial by fire

Tell me of the joy of bread,

holy bread,

joy-giver, strength-giver

Muse, crown my lyre with ears of wheat!

By the bushels, in the shade of the willow

I sit—and I bear songs.

Daniel Varujan (1884-1915), Armenian poet of the 20th century.

Guided by passion and love of freedom, we find paths to create and revive. Even the worst things in the world can not take the most valuable thing that humanity bears – creativity.

There are a lot of Armenian artists who still create, live and bloom around the world.

Some of their works are proudly represented at HAY-HAY as a living beauty of Armenian culture, history and a proud inheritance of Armenian nobels.

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