Vajé wearing an armenian Embroidered Bomber Jacket

Armenian design is taking over the eurovision

During Eurovision national selection in Estonia band Vajé performed in the outfits created by the Armenian designers.

Estonia’s Eurovision selection super-finalists from the group Vajé, Stefan Airapetjan and Hans Noormets, were wearing the Embroidered Bomber Jackets by Sinoian and the T-Shirts by Shabeeg.

The outfit styling for the event was made by the stylist and founder of the, Lucine Ayanian.

Vajé wearing an armenian Embroidered Bomber Jacket

Vajé got voted into the superfinals and appeared in the Estonia’s TOP 3 acts for the Eurovision selection.

Unfortunately, the group did not win.

Nevertheless, the outreach of the event was impressive.

10000 people were present at the event and over 300000 people viewed it online or on television as the Estonia’s national selection final was broadcasted live on the national television.

Shabeeg black t-shirt

Shabeeg black t-shirt is made of 100% cotton and features a printed image via plastisol transfer of Argishti I of Urartu, the founder of the modern capital of Armenia.

 Shabeeg black t-shirt

Sinoian bomber jacket is made of satin and the sleeves are decorated with exceptional ethnic floral and ornamental elements.

Sinoian bomber jacket

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