Man in Town men's fashion store in Yerevan, Armenia

Classy style, sport chic and art = Man in town

A few years ago “a man” appeared “in town” making a loud new statement about men’s fashion and style.

Yerevan is that town and well known stylist Armen Galyan is that man who opened a stylish and cosy boutique Man in town to bring a new word in the world of men’s fashion.

Collection from "Man in Town" boutique in Yerevan

Man in Town is one of the most artsy corners in Yerevan breathing contemporary oriented art.

This spring the boutique has been reopened and has brought some major breaking news about menswear.

Man in Town has made it into the status of a brand starting to create and produce their own clothes.

Classy Style, Sport Chic, Art = Man In Town: that says it all about the main idea of the brand.

Fashion clothes made in Armenia by Man in Town

The majority of the production exhibited in the store is made by Man in Town, according to Armen Galyan’s very own design and vision. In addition to their very own items, accessories from other local and foreign brands are available in the store, thus keeping the constant flux as one of the city’s main trendsetter spots for menswear.

Trendy influence is also visible in the store in terms of sportswear and accessories.

The naming directly corresponds to the mission and the vision of the brand, expressing the main notion about who Man in Town is meant for.

Man in Town made in Armenia clothes and accessories for the modern man

Well, let’s finally find out, who is that man in the town? Man in Town is about everything that a modern man needs to live in town and be trendy and stylish, to be interested in art and culture, sports and entertainment.

By the way, Galyan modestly states that it is early yet to talk about the realization of the brand’s mission.

“We definitely have an important mission, but I don’t want to say some loud words, I prefer making a change in the world of men’s fashion silently, with action instead of words”, Galyan states.

Collection of Man in Town as a brand is strongly influenced by Japanese culture.

If a man always wants to have an impeccably dressed outfit, he should consider classic style as the key point in menswear – from a bow tie and classy suit to Breton hats.

Add trendy accessories such as eyeglass chains or pins to this look and he will always look stylish and trendy.

This is what Man in Town strongly believes in, exposing both old but gold items and super modern pieces.

Besides, the first collection of Man in Town as a brand is strongly influenced by Japanese culture.

Browse more items from the brand’s collection here.

Photo courtesy of Man in Town

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