Sergei Parajanov Collage Painting

Artuyt: artworks never go out of style

In your opinion, what completes the look?

Of course, one of the ways to complete any look is with a beautiful accessory, for example, a scarf, a piece of art in a sense.

Artuyt scarves have works of art represented on them.

Artworks never go out of style. By wearing our scarves, you basically wear art, getting closer to beauty and divinity, which is fashion in its sense.

When a woman is wearing a scarf, she is moving, and the artwork on the scarf is moving with her. This results in a dynamic style.

Which colours will dominate this season?

I think that the pastel colours will be really popular.

Our collection, Parajanov’s Collages, is a great example of that.

Every collage, every scarf has its own history, and every woman can choose a scarf that best suits her character and represents her fashion views.

Why do you have the, works of Parajanov on your scarves?

This year, Artuyt participated in Milan Fashion Show Spring/Summer 2018, and we wanted to represent Armenia in the best way possible.

After a long debate, we decided that no other figure in Armenian history of art can represent the country better than Parajanov, in respect to our vision.

Scarves with Parajanov’s works on them are something brand new, unique, and refreshing on the global and Armenian fashion scene.

“I was not allowed to make movies and I started to make collages. Collage is a compressed film.” Sergei Parajanov

What role does Yerevan play in your design choices?

I was born there, I love every street and every corner of this city.

To me, Yerevan associates with comfort and confidence.

And this translates and is reflected in our design.

Artuyt scarves give every person who wears them comfort and confidence.

What makes a look trendy?

To me, pieces that are selected with taste make any look trendy.

Thus, I am confident that Artuyt scarves can make any look trendy and stand out!

Our scarves are meant to be worn, so the artwork would stand out and be the centre of attention.

Arevik interviewed by Tamara B.

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