Autumn Academia Aesthetics

Autumn Academia Aesthetics

Are you into a sweater-weather mood? Do you believe that fall is the trendiest season? Congratulations, it is already September.

The season of vacations is officially over, so back to work and colleges. 

Every time at the beginning of the new academic year, each of us remembers our very own school or student years. The reactions are different. We are either filled with nostalgia, or we are so happy that we no longer need to go to any educational institution.

Autumn Academia Aesthetic Library look

The phenomenon of the college style is that it still somehow influences us. Even though we graduated long ago, we often use that college-style vibe in our wardrobes.

Probably that's because the college schedule calls for total comfort, but the outfits are stylish and trendy.  

Well, here we are some tips to aid in the creation of your college-inspired outfits. Thus, we have rounded up the essentials you definitely need in your wardrobe. 

  1. A groovy graphic t-shirt and a pair of jeans will immediately create a casual-cool vibe. Complete your look with a mini-shoulder purse.
    Autumn Academia Aesthetics Outfit styleHAY-HAY t-shirt; Mushegyani belt; Khachik.s bag; Inga Kazumyan necklace

  2. It's the time of the year when a basic oversized t-shirt. Just remember, an oversized basic t-shirt paired with knitted cardigans is timeless.
    Autumn Academia Aesthetics Outfit style
    LOOM Weaving cardigan; Shabeeg t-shirt; FRONT earrings
  3. Pair leather skirts or pants with knitwear and trenches to add an extra intellectual vibe.
    Autumn Academia Aesthetics outfit ideaLOOM Weaving sweater; Bad Rose skirt; ZGEst trench coat
  4. The classics of Academia Aesthetics are vests and blazers. 
    Autumn Academia Aesthetics outfit ideaOtherMood blazer and vest; Inga Kazumyan necklace
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