Vintage and Second Hand Stores in Yerevan

Beyond vintage: sustainability or luxury

What goes around comes around. Since fashion is one of the key bearers of this idiom, there is no surprise that vintage is taking over the fashion industry.

We have rounded up some of the reasons people tend to love vintage, let us go through some of them.

Helena Tadevosyan, owner of Vintabilia vintage shop in Yerevan

The ever-growing concern of the consumers for environmental causes has impacted sustainable solutions in the fashion industry.

From the redesigned outfits of the celebrities to the emerging thrift store brands, one thing is clear here: upcycle is in, whether you are raiding your granny’s closet, or, like me, your dad’s 90’s sports jackets, you are definitely searching for some solutions for upcycling.

Vintage store Studio Antiquus in Yerevan

Another reason for thrifting is our endless craze for rare things. People place so much value on the things that are rare, especially in fashion.

Some photos that we see scrolling the Instagram feed increase our crave for finding some go-to sources of rare pieces.

Be it a rare bag from Louis Vuitton or sunglasses from Versace, the celebrities already managed to turn luxury vintage on-trend.

Lara & Marat, people behind Antarber Vintage in Yerevan

Fashion is going back to its roots, and fashion lovers of authenticity would definitely prefer the outfits from the past as they were.

The obsession with constant newness can be exhausting, but we can, fortunately, find some vintage pieces online or offline and wear them proudly without restyling or upcycling.

Vlad Matsnev in Tallinn’s Humana Vintage
No matter the reason, thrifting is cool, and looking into the past might just become the way we go forward into the future (keeping it more sustainable, of course).
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