HAY-HAY Gift Ideas for Christmas

Christmas Is Just Around The Corner

Well, well, well, Christmas is not far off, the festive mood is just around the corner. Just as much as we value the time and the idea and thought behind every present, we want to help you in planning and listing your favorite presents. Gifts for your partner, friends, family and colleagues. We have rounded up the top 5 presents to make sure that everyone is taken care of from your list.

Set of Ceramic Candlesticks


As bright as the holiday and as warm as your relationship, the ceramic candlestick holder set features the Armenian words Love and Light in gold. It's handmade in different sizes and shapes, which gives it a unique, chic look.

Floral Scarves with Postcard


If you and your loved one want to keep the spring in your heart even during cold winter days, then these floral and artsy scarves are the best choice. Surround yourself with flowers which come with a floral postcard as well, where you can put your best holiday wishes.

Rug Print Socks


Inspired by the traditional Armenian Rug with colors of red and deep blue - great accessory for him. Colorful, cozy and a thoughtful gift!

Heart-shaped Jewelry


This heart-shaped jewelry is endlessly romantic, which displays its beauty to its full effect.  Getting a gift that exudes the message you're trying to send is the core beauty of the gift itself.

Tote Bag


Another thoughtful and eco-friendly gift is a tote bag. These handmade, high-quality canvas tote bags are the best way to show your love for the planet. But besides serving as reusable shopping bags, tote bags are a must-have item for any occasion, as they can be combined with almost any style. 

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