Valentines Day tulip flowers

Day of Love

“Say "I love you" out loud and often.”(c) Spread love on Valentine's Day and beyond. But that special day is here, so it's another occasion to make your soulmate feel special.

The marriage of Zeus and Herra, a symbol and day of fertility, Valentine’s Day, has many names.

But we want to call it a day of love, no matter if it is about self-love, romantic love or just love for what you do. 


Well, well, well, trust us, it's okay to feel confused when it comes to what to give you one and only on Valentine's Day!  Expose your feelings and attention in a thoughtful way - it's never been more important.

Let us help you make it special with unique gifts that you and your soulmate will remember forever!

We are sharing our ideas for the day of love in 2023:

Heart-Shaped architecture 

Celebrate the most special moments with jewelry that speaks for itself: love and beauty can be found in simplicity. Style with a heart - show your love with our geometric architectural jewelry. Inspired by cityscapes and modern design, our heart-shaped pieces will be sure to add a unique touch of flair to your loved one.


Light and love to share

Light up your love - give the perfect special gift expressing your care. Our handmade, ceramic candle holder set featuring the Armenian words Love and Light in gold will add a unique chic look to any room while giving you and your soulmate light and love to share.


Your Day

Enjoy a self-care day with a lot of creams and serums with aromatic candles. Start your morning stroll with these caps with EVN coordinates with your doggo.


Wear sentiments

Make the perfect statement of love with a cross, heart and anchor necklace - an unforgettable gift that will last a lifetime. Let the love of your life wear sentiments close to their heart  - a Cross, Heart, and Anchor charms, each with a special meaning from you. 


Heart on the chest

Love from head to toe. For a look that's strong yet sweet, with a heart on the chest - try our unisex shirt for a perfect blend of masculinity and femininity.


From Grandma's closet

Enjoy dinner with your family with the symbolic necklace that your grandma will appreciate and admire.

blog-vday-selection-symbol necklace

Timeless black

A classic date night with all black outfit and red lipstick.


Gift Card from HAY-HAY

Show your special someone how much you love them this Valentine's Day with a personalized gift card. Let your heart speak the words you can't say.

Spread love and be surrounded by it.

Happy Love Day!

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