Holiday gift guide from emerging Armenian brands

Editor’s talk: holiday gift guide

Holidays, food, jingles and fun. While we are all busy with all the decorations, tree trimming, and shopping, the Founder and Creative Director of HAY-HAY concept Lucine speaks about her holiday shopping journey and shares with you some thoughtful gift ideas to make your holidays extra fun.

Hi Lucine, since the holidays are coming the first question we have is if you like Christmas?

It is a magical season that makes things bright and optimistic even in the very dark times. I think that there is a spirit of kindness and goodwill in the year.

What is the perfect gift for you to receive?

The heartfelt gift is always the one that is taken by surprise, thoughtful gifts are the ones that give an experience, it is not about the price, they don’t need to be expensive and it’s not about the random objects but it’s the experience that you give and receive back.

What kind of shopping do you prefer online or in-store and why?

For holidays, I prefer to plan in advance, that is why online shopping is way more important for me, however, I also like to discover some small cozy stores and boutiques.

Here it is more like emotional shopping, and on holidays, you know, I prefer not to overspend. That’s why online shopping takes about 80% and the rest is offline.

Christmas gift ideas from Armenian designers

Is wrapping important, why?

Gift wrapping is really important because it makes any object look like a present gift and it’s also a way to show how you care about the person and your attitude also.

Ecological wrapping and a sustainable approach is a good way to care about the planet and at HAY-HAY we quite often try to stick to reusable wrapping.

What is the one item you would love to receive from HAY-HAY concept store?

As I am also a buyer at HAY-HAY, every time I receive the catalogs and pictures from new collections from our designers, I almost want to order everything, then I have to bring myself back down to earth and think about the retail and business, so if briefly answering the question, I’d like to receive from HAY-HAY as a present almost everything.

Name 3 items you would definitely gift your friends as a Christmas present?

At HAY-HAY we have different options and ideas for gifts, so one of them are eye chains that totally look like a necklace, but you simply attach it to your glasses or even the mask.

We have a range of designs from different brands as well. Looks really cool, especially a gift for the person who wears glasses all the time.

Also, at HAY-HAY we have different pins with all kind of designs that can be attached to your clothes or even bags if they are made of textile, so we have some pomegranates, we have a lot of different fruits, and we have also some symbols of Armenia like churches or monuments that can be good as a memorable gift or souvenir to your friends related or non-related to Armenia.

Gift ideas from emerging Armenian brands

Also, we have ceramic bowls that look amazing, there is a set of two bowls and inside there is a text in Armenian, there is a rhyme in Armenian, actually these are pretty cool as a design object, you can use them in the kitchen, also in a dining room, put some snacks here, but I personally use them as a jewelry holder, so I place my jewelry in the bedroom and it looks really, really nice.

Which trendy items of 2021 would be a great fit for the Christmas present?

If we talk about the trends, so at HAY-HAY we do have amazing quilted scarves, they are gender-neutral, so they can fit men and women, the range of colors is faded, very basic and the size is also quite long, it’s an amazing accessory for your stylish looks, so you can style it in different ways, you can just put the layer over your coat or clinch with the belt, so there are different options to style it.

And also we have a unisex jewelry line and the best part of it is that the metals are mixed so there is gold and silver.

So, if you don’t know what to gift to the person and what kind of jewelry the person is wearing, this trendy chain bracelet and necklace features gold and silver and I think it’s super nice.

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What benefits does HAY-HAY offer to its customers?

We gift our clients eco canvas bag with HAY-HAY logo, this is the way we can say “thank you”. So, when the orders reach 100 euros and dollars, our customers receive this canvas bag.

Also, we have a permanent discount code on our website, sometimes it even covers the shipping cost, but what is more important that on behalf of our clients, every 6 months we do donations to non-profit organizations that help vulnerable people in Armenia, so we carefully select these companies and we already did several charity campaigns and I hope we can proceed with this in future as well.

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