brutents ceramics x hay-hay concept

Exploring Brutents Ceramics: Minimalistic Armenian Art with Rhymes

Welcome to the world of Brutents Ceramics, where minimalistic shapes meet the rich heritage of Armenian art.


Mane Brutents, the creative mind and ceramist behind the brand, has perfected the art of crafting beautiful ceramics that showcase a unique blend of simplicity and ethnic charm.

brutents ceramics x hay-hay concept

Mane's artistic path began long ago, rooted in her first education in interior design. It was during her time at the faculty of design that she discovered her affinity for clay. As she worked with this versatile material, her love for it grew, and she developed a profound connection with clay and glazes.

Mane's teacher in the faculty of ceramic arts once likened clay to a woman, and this analogy struck a chord with her. Clay became more than just a medium for her creations; it became her best friend and sister.

brutents ceramics x hay-hay concept

Every stroke of the young ceramist's brush on her ceramic pieces is an expression of love. She paints on the ceramics with care and devotion, engaging in a silent conversation with clay itself. This intimate connection allows her to infuse her creations with emotion and meaning, creating art that resonates with both the artist and the beholder.

brutents ceramics x hay-hay concept 3

Brutents Ceramics are crafted using white clay, known as faience, which serves as the foundation for Mane's artistic vision. To add depth and vibrancy, she utilizes Engobes, clay infused with pigments, to paint intricate designs and patterns in her creations. 

One of Mane's striking bowls is adorned with the words of "Tamam Ashkharh" by Sayat Nova, a renowned Armenian poet and troubadour. This heartfelt song is dedicated to a lover's beauty and the enchantment of the world around them. Mane's choice to incorporate these poetic rhymes adds an extra layer of cultural significance to her ceramics, celebrating Armenian heritage and artistry.

brutents ceramics x hay-hay concept

For Mane Brutents, art and ceramic art, in particular, have become powerful channels for self-discovery and self-expression. Through her creations, she not only finds herself but also encourages others to explore their passions and embrace their artistic journeys.

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