Covid trend with masks taking over the runway shows

Face mask as a fashion statement

What are the most discussed topics online and offline? Politics, Gen Z, Gaming industry, Healthcare… You name it.

Fashion has a superpower of the rabbit trick – the fashion hat goes up, and in goes the trend. And voila!

A new fashion statement is ready to spread as fast as a bath bomb. The magic starts from taking the necessity and turning them into the statement pieces.

Consider the socks: they came into existence to keep people’s feet warm and protect them from frostbite.

But look at the socks fashion now – a rising trend that immediately elevates any outfit!

Model wearing facemask at Marine Serre’s Paris Fashion Week show

When the world faced the challenge of COVID-19, face masks took over the fashion industry or the industry itself took over the masks.

In any case, face masks are spotted in the fashion industry throughout 2020. The peppy stripes, plaids, and animal prints … there are many types of modern face masks, let’s explore some of them together:

  • Printed face masks.One of the common masks that highlight the personality and the style sense of a wearer.
  • Neutral silk masks. When it comes to fashion, casual pieces are not enough, even if it is a face mask.So if you are going out or just want to feel a little bit fancy, silk masks are your perfect option.
  • Upcycled masks. Upcycled from a piece of clothing or an accessory, upcycled masks are a top trend for sustainable and eco-friendly shopping.
  • Masks with adjustable ties. If your goal is to wear something different and adjustable then these masks with a very simple loop mask should be your choice.
  • Fine art face masks. If you always admire art, then hand-drawn face masks are ideal for you.
  • Billie Eilish arrives at the 62nd annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center. Photo by Jordan Strauss

    But what’s the most favorite face mask for HAY-HAY? Well, I think you got it right!

    The ones that express the beauty of the Armenian alphabet and the mystery of Armenian history.

    Unisex face masks from Anet’s collection featuring Armenian Alphabet made from two layers of lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric.

    Get your face masks and face the challenge with health, strength and in style.

    Armenian Alphabet printed mask from Anet's Collection in blue
    Armenian Alphabet printed mask from Anet's Collection in red
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