Fashion concept store in Armenia

Top fashion concept stores in Yerevan

First, let’s make it very clear that a concept store is a shop that sells a carefully picked selection of products that connect to an overarching theme.

Almost like HAY-HAY does, but offline. Handpicked products are pulled together from a variety of brands and designers to keep telling the story in new, fascinating ways. It’s all about discovery and experience.

What about concept stores in Yerevan? Here’s our top 3 that feature the same designers we collaborate with, but each store has its own concept, clothing line, and atmosphere.

Have a closer look:


Fashion concept store in Armenia

5Concept is one of the first concept stores picking Armenian brands in the very heart of Yerevan.

The founders create a unique cultural environment based on their inspiration, creativity, and art.

The concept of the store focusses on those who value emotions. Here, everyone can create their own clothing history, design, art, and be part of the creative process.

Collective imagination, beliefs, and spirits are set in this place. It is a spot where unusual things and people find each other.

5concept store in Yerevan
5concept store of fashion brands in Yerevan

Made fashion corner

Made fashion corner in Yerevan

Four leading Armenian fashion designers decided to team up under one roof. A more than perfect idea.

Each of them having their own main collections, this concept store features the second lines that are more casual – Nikolyan, f by Faina, Kivera, and Young by Harmony.

Moreover, MADE store products collect other brands and designers that fit into their concept and appeal to a certain audience they already have.

The store design itself is modern and almost minimalistic. It’s easy to find any style or colour as the items are well-sorted and displayed.

Made fashion corner in Yerevan
Made fashion corner in Yerevan

Cocos Island

Cocos Island fashion store in Yerevan

Cocos Island is a designer’s corner of Armenian and international brands offering the latest and greatest designs, as well as very unusual things.

The display and interior design mixes these lines and products together in an attractive fashion.

Shopping at Cocos Island is a journey for men and women to express their individuality through timeless and creative style.

We’d call this concept store an experimental platform for the most daring fashionistas!

Cocos Island fashion store in Yerevan
Cocos Island fashion store in Yerevan
Photo credits: Lucine Ayanian, HAY-HAY
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