We are 5 years young!

We are 5 years young!

This year marks our 5th anniversary, and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate all that HAY-HAY has accomplished in partnership with our team, customers, partners, and friends.

As an alternative to a digital toast today we are sharing with you the top 5 of the things we’re proudest of.

Our mission.

We preserved our main mission of showcasing Armenian culture and heritage through the uncharted territory of fashion.

We create a one of a kind space to explore the fashion concepts and artistic approaches of Armenian designers and find the touch of historical and cultural landscapes, local handcraft and unique traditions of Armenia.

We believe that the mix of historic and contemporary design concepts will make people feel proud wearing the unique and inspiring art pieces created by Armenian designers.

Mix of historic and contemporary design concept

Our community

We are proud of our friends, partners and customers who are the most important part of building our one of a kind fashion community.

Thank you for all the love you are spreading towards art and fashion which motivates us to create more and showcase the Armenian emerging brands to the world.

HAY-HAY Armenian Fashion Concept Store working process

International recognition

We are also very proud to be featured in various international events such as Eurovision music contest, Zurich Pop-up, Milan Fashion Week and many more.

HAY-HAY Armenian Concept Store events and materials

Our partners

We also want to thank our partners for all of your hard work and their obvious drive and passion in fashion.

HAY-HAY team really appreciates your partnership.

HAY-HAY Armenian Fashion Concept Store

And most importantly, you!

And, of course we are raising this toast to you who are reading this blogpost and supporting our vision.

Thanks for sticking with us at every step. And we keep going. We continue to proudly introduce women’s and men’s clothing, jewelry and accessories of the various fashion brands from designers of Armenian descent worldwide.

We are excited to celebrate our 5th anniversary and continue growing with you to see what the next years bring.

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