Outfit inspiration from Friends

Your “Friends” inspired wardrobe

Work-from-home and lockdown changed not only our daily routine, but also the leisure activities.

Sometimes, we can get the most out of hunkering down on the sofa with some good TV series.

With so much on offer, most of us will find ourselves rewatching old favorite TV series.

Call it a “therapy of nostalgia” or a “movie ritual”, but it’s a matter of fact that we can find real comfort in watching the same films and tv shows multiple times and get a positive nostalgic experience.

If you are now thinking about the all-time classic Friends, you are not the only one. Friends is the show you can revisit time and time again for getting a good laugh or fashion inspiration from the ’90s.

Rachel Green Outfit Inspiration from Friends

PLATON FF blazer and skirt; SOMA jewellry earrings; INGA XAVIER satchel bag.

Friends don’t let friends wear the bad outfits. And this time it is not only about your best friends, but also your beloved TV series in the world Friends.

From Pheobe’s hippie vibes to Rachel’s casual-cool miniskirts and Monica’s iconic dresses.

We all wanted their wardrobes and even now when the ’90s fashion is in the midst of a huge revival, we are all inspired by the iconic dresses, vintage, denim vibes and will happily wear them in 2021.

Initially, the show’s co-creator Marta Kauffman had been planning to outfit all the characters in T-shirts and jeans.

But when the costume designer Debra McGuire was hired, she created an aspirational style.

Phoebe Buffay Outfit Inspiration from Friends

SHABEEG dress; PETOOR jacket; SOOR’S jewellery earrings; SHABEEG ornaments necklace.

If you’re into cool and sexy looks, then your style inspo is definitely Rachel Green.

Get that Rachel vibes with mini and midi skirts, cropped white turtleneck, baggy cargos and oversized coats.

And if you agree with Monica that “Less is more”, you’d better add some iconic and sexy dresses and cool jewelry to your wardrobe.

You may also want to showcase your free spirit and spread good vibes through your hippie Phoebe style.

Monica Geller Outfit Inspiration from Friends

ZGEST dress; LUSIN earrings; BAREGAMYAN ring; PETOOR silver necklace.

In any case, HAY-HAY made it easy for you to copy and paste Friends looks to your wardrobe.

Get the clothing pieces for every style, enjoy your shopping experience and keep it simple and chic.

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