HAY-HAY New Branding Concept

HAY-HAY New Visual Branding

Hay is the identity, design is the feeling and this is our new branding. Being a part of the fashion industry, we always prioritize emotion, feeling and sensations. When you look at yourself in the mirror or when you see reactions from the surrounding people you link your feelings to your outfits. Today with a new branding we want you to feel a little bit closer to history and touch the roots of endless culture.

Armenian Inspiration behind new HAY-HAY visual branding

The backstory 

We've completely redesigned our visual language: the logos, colors and typography. With this new language, we wanted to communicate the start: the roots where we are coming from and the destination where we are going. We have incorporated elements of Armenian culture. 

HAY-HAY new branding package

You’ll feel the freshness of Armenian land through the shades of the apricot, the symbol of nationality and victory. The grey color speaks directly about the rocky mountains and the logo about the identity that lies at the heart of the Armenian people. Hay in Armenian means Armenian and its pronunciation is exactly the word “hi” the beginning of all human connections.

The sustainability

Here at HAY-HAY we’re committed to unlocking the full potential of sustainability and we are big advocates for eco products, thus we are aiming to use recyclable materials for packaging. We love to care for the planet and keep the design aesthetics on top at the same time, with the new branding we are striving for new, better and alternative solutions. 

HAY-HAY new branding magazine

Our new brand is just one step on our journey with the new design language which is all about feeling and a stronger connection between the company and its Armenian roots. 

Graphic Designer - Mariiam Kazarian (Barcelona, Spain)

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