Inga Kazumyan handmade jewellery collections from Milan

Inga Kazumyan: music and jewelry

They say jewelry is something that has to do with emotion. It is impossible not to agree with this statement when you see jewelry by Inga Kazumyan – handmade, limited, unique, and indeed emotional.

The brand was founded 11 years ago in Milan, by Inga Kazumyan. Inga was born in Georgia, grew up in Armenia, and lives in Milan.

“I have been in love with art since childhood. In addition to music, I loved drawing, sewing, knitting. I mean everything handmade.

I started to make jewelry after I moved to Italy”, Inga says.

The designer states that her feelings, visions, taste, style, and ideology – everything is reflected in her works.

“That’s my soul”, she says. The designer of the brand is a pianist, a professor, and a creative person in general, who has managed to find herself in the beautiful world of fashion and design.

Concerning her two professions, the designer says that her hands are her main tools. “In fact, my hands manage to unite two of my passions – fashion and music”.

Inga Kazumyan, musician and jewelry designer

“The three generations of our family are involved in fashion. My mother-in-law, the founder of fashion in Armenia, was even called “Madame Dior Armenia.

My daughter, Rima, is a fashion designer at Armani. I can say for sure that fashion is the DNA of our family”, says Inga Kazumyan. Each item is in limited quantities.

To work in this way is both interesting for her, as the creator, and for those who will wear them. “I try to create pieces that have a future”, Inga says, “I need to know that the jewel serves the customer for a long time”.

The combination of natural stones and chains has become a visit card of the designer, “I love natural stones.

Using natural stones in my works is a priority for me. They are always trendy, durable, precious as compared to simple crystals or plastic, and are easily mixed with any style”.

Inga Kazumyan, musician and jewelry designer

Inga confesses that her daughter Rima was her first model and always wears her jewelry.

“It is such an important appreciation of my work and I do enjoy that. Inga believes, “I love changes, I love to move forward, to look for new materials and challenges, to find new approaches for jewelry creation”.

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Just don’t forget that jewelry is something that has to do with emotion.

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