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Gender free jewelry: chunky necklace

As time passes, we change our preferences. Remember the 90s when we were mixing a patterned shirt with patterned pair of leggings, or the outfits from the parties with “posh spice” vibes of the early ‘00s that we are all ashamed of.

The best friends bracelets or simply anything that had best friends on it was a real thing.

The choices we make and the preferences we have are changing as dynamically as our world.

Getty Images of Brad & Jen wearing necklaces

There are, however, fashion trends that never go out of style (or have a revival phase at least).

We call these trends “the friend in the movie” when in horror or action movies you think they are dead for some time, but they always come back at the end of the movie to save everyone.

When following the latest revival trends, you would notice the chunky vibes. Whether it’s a clothing piece or jewelry, everyone is waving hello to a bold style and nailing the chunkiness on their own.

music video of Harry Styles in blue suit with necklace

The chunky necklace trend has definitely ruled 2021. Historically, the chain has been a part of royal families representing eternal love connection as a linked circle.

The oldest example of a chain necklace was found in ancient Babylonia in the Biblical city of Ur, where the magnificent gold jewelry dating to about 2500 B.C were hidden.

Rappers also had their part in the history of chunky necklaces. But our favorite example belongs to Chanel.

ASAP Rocky in GQ editorial with pearl necklaces

The secret of its revival is the astonishing balance between masculinity and femininity, elegance and boldness, and the fact that this jewelry has no gender.

It is a statement piece with the ability to transform any look, no matter how minimal, and take it to the next level.

Whether you are a gold guy or a silver lover (or both like me) we have rounded up the chunky chain jewelry pieces to add to your wardrobe this season.

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