Tattoo with Armenian phrases and quotes

Next-gen tattoo culture

A unique form of self-expression, body art, or just a beauty accessory…

Tattoo art is a statement of a wearer’s perception of life.

Some people use it as a temporary ink decoration, some as a permanent kind of body art or a piece of personality. In fact, tattoos date back many thousands of years.

Tattoo with Armenian phrases

Photo credits 2SKIN. Get the  tattoo with armenian phrases here.

According to historical records, the earliest recorded tattoo was found on a mummy in the Alps that dates back to 3250BC.

Ötzi, the European Tyrolean Iceman had 61 tattoos. Ötzi was discovered in September 1991.

His nickname comes from the location he was found in the Otzal Alps. His body has naturally mummified and preserved, making him Europe’s oldest human mummy.

Tattooing has also been used as a healing method and religious worship in ancient Egypt.

They not only highlighted the status in society but also a punishment. The Philippines once used tattooing to mark the rank and accomplishments of people.

Tattoo with Armenian illustrations by Lilit Sarkisian

Photo credits IIIIT Art store. Get the tattoo with Lilit SARKISIAN’S illustrations here.

In the 21st century, tattoo culture has made the industry go mainstream. However, many people find it an intimidating experience not to get stuck and discover the fine line between self-expression and self-destruction.

You want them to either have a special meaning or to be creative. It can be hard deciding what to get.

Just to help you out, we’ve put together the best options to get the next-gen momentary tattoos and express yourself for the special period of your lifetime.

As the summer is on its way to pack your swimsuits, hit the beach, and have a fun evening drinking a margarita or just chilling with your loved ones.

At this special time of the year, a harmless experiment to turn your body into a blank canvas and fill it with some art pieces can be a fun and aesthetic experience.

The majority of temporary tattoos last between one and two weeks, so why not try out and stand out creating a new style for every occasion.

Tattoo with Armenian phrases with Aperol coctail
Photo credits Lucine Ayanian. Get the tattoo with armenian phrases here.
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