ONEHE: Traditional Jewellery With Contemporair Flair

ONEHE: Traditional Jewellery With Contemporair Flair

Meet Onehe

At HAY-HAY concept store, we are constantly on the lookout for unique and inspiring brands that reflect our commitment to quality, style, and individuality. Today, we are introducing you to our latest discovery – ONEHE Jewellery.

ONEHE jewellery

ONEHE, a Tallinn-based family-owned brand established in 2022, is the brainchild of jewelry designer Sofia Hallik and film editor Andres Hallik. Sofia, who is also the founder of the renowned Estonian jewelry brand SOMA, brings her extensive experience in design and fashion to ONEHE. Over the years, there had been numerous requests for stylish everyday jewelry, prompting this dynamic duo to embark on their venture.

ONEHE is not just another jewelry brand; it's a manifestation of artistry, passion, and a deep understanding of what makes each of us unique. 

Onehe Jewellery brand and owner

What sets ONEHE Jewellery apart is its dedication to craftsmanship. Each piece is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans who pour their heart and soul into every design. From delicate necklaces to statement rings, you'll find an array of jewellery that combines the precision of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary flair.

But ONEHE Jewellery isn't just about the artistry; it's also about empowering you to express yourself. The brand believes that jewellery should be more than just an accessory; it should be a reflection of your personality, your journey, and your aspirations.

Onehe silver jewellery

Quality and Sustainability

Quality and sustainability are at the core of ONEHE's values. They use responsibly sourced materials and eco-friendly practices to ensure that not only do you look good wearing their jewelry, but you also feel good about it. It's jewelry that aligns with your values.

We at HAY-HAY concept store are proud to welcome ONEHE into our family of brands. We believe that the jewellery you wear should be an extension of yourself, and ONEHE Jewellery shares that vision wholeheartedly.

Image credits: ONEHE

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