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Paris fashion. Armenian trace

Paris is a city of love, culture and, of course, fashion. Streets are always busy with women and men with their timeless, well-cut, classic looks.

We spotted Armenians among Parisians and met them in person to find out about their history with Paris, Armenia and fashion.

And here we are, sharing some interesting Armenian fashion people that crossed their routes with Paris.

Martha Minasyan

Meet Martha, a student of textile design in Ecole Duperré. Martha was the first resident of Tumo Studios, as a fashion designer who is still wondering about what she loves in fashion.

Textile experiments from Armenian designer Martha Minasyan

She once wanted to give up on fashion but the famous Yves Saint Laurent inspired her to work and create despite the troubles and difficulties.

Paris makes her feel 100% at work and get inspiration from everywhere. For her, the definition of Parisian fashion is, indeed, people.

Armine Ohanyan

The Creative Director of Maison Armine Ohanyan Paris who has also been the winner of the three fashion contests loves to mix innovative technologies and traditional crafts.

Founder and designer at Armine Ohanyan Paris

The most interesting part of the brand is the combination of the 3D printing, laser cutting with the traditional crafts, such as handmade plissé or broderie, embroideries, etc.

Armine’s vision in fashion is to present something completely new instead of repeating what has already been created.

Her latest collection has futuristic trends and one of the most eco-friendly collections was the one recreated from a huge stock during the first Covid lockdown.

Combination of the 3D printing, laser cutting with the traditional crafts, Armine Ohanyan Paris

Supporting the eco concept is one of the main missions of Armine’s brand.

Mari Samvelyan

The next fashion designer on our list is Mari, the founder of the Koshka Mashka brand.

Mari always dreamt of founding her brand, thus she decided to name her brand after her childhood cartoon “the Koshka Mashka”.

Mari Samvelyan behind Koshka Mashka Paris

Koshka Paris is a mix of three cultures: the colors, shining and warmness and generosity from Armenia, the right shapes from Italy and mix-match style from France.

The brand is all handmade in Paris, but they also have some Armenian sweaters which are called “Pull Arménie” and made by women from Armenian villages.

Armenian sweaters “Pull Arménie” at Koshka Mashka Paris

Arpine Movsisyan

Arpiné is a Stylist and Art Director who works with various magazines, does editorial shoots, and organizes different projects with artists.

Arpine Movsisyan, Stylist and Art Director from Paris

For her, the most important thing in work is the capability of being sensible as one needs to feel every detail and be open-minded.

A stylist should also be a bit of a psychologist to work with people and their moods.

Armine gets inspired once she goes outside, starting from the people, their relationships to the weather, colors and nature.

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