Shabeeg’s royalty

Shabeeg’s royalty

Shabeeg’s new Kings and Queens collection is not an ordinary one: inspired by Armenian rich ancient history and culture it is dedicated to the royal genes embedded in the DNA.

Who is who?

Argishti O of Urartu

Argishti I was the founder of the citadel of Erebouni in 783 BC, which is the present capital of Armenia, Yerevan.

He made Urartu the most powerful state in post-Hittite Asia Minor.

He expanded his kingdom north to the Lake Sevan conquering much of Diakokhi and the Ararat Valley.

Shabeeg collections inspired by ancient Armenian Kings

Artaxias I ‘Pious’

Artaxias I was the founder of the Artaxiad Dynast whose members ruled the Kingdom of Armenia for nearly two centuries.

Even though Alexander the Great did not conquer Armenia, Hellenistic culture had strongly impacted Armenian society.

Artaxias I was appointed as strategos.

According to Stravo and Plutarch, Artashes also founded the Armenian capital Artashat (Artaxata) with the aid of the Carthaginian general Hannibal who was being sheltered from the Romans within Artashesians’ court.

It is said that when Hannibal fled from the Romans and came to Armenia, he suggested different projects to the Armenian king and taught him several useful things.

When he saw the beautiful landscape and nature in Armenia he drew a sketch for the future city.

Then he took Artashes to the spot and asked him to personally supervise the building of the city.

Thus a big and beautiful city was named after the king, Artashat, and became his capital.

Shabeeg collections inspired by ancient Armenian Kings

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