Spring style tips from Shabeeg

Spring style tips from Shabeeg

Must-have items this spring?

For me, it’s always a t-shirt.

I suggest having many t-shirts in your closet: in basic colours, with typography or calligraphy, embroidered or printed.

A denim jacket is also a must.

It’s not only comfortable to wear, but can warm you up during cold days.

Shabeeg street style of casual wear
Shabeeg street style of casual wear

What colours do you think will dominate this spring?

Pastel colours, especially blues, pinks, and purples in all soft hues. They go very well together.

I have a feeling that military colours might also be quite trendy this spring – khaki or pink in particular.

Moreover, denim will be printed with camouflage pattern.

Shabeeg street style of casual wear

What is your advice to people who want to look good and trendy this spring?

To look trendy, wear typography and calligraphy – very trendy these days: t-shirts, dresses, or even shoes should have some print.

The language or style don’t even matter.

Now, you can also mix denim colours with different shades.

No more strict rules for matching different hues.

Shabeeg street style of casual wear

How does Yerevan influence your outlook on fashion and your design choices?

There’s a great quote saying when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

This means that every place definitely influences your style.

In Yerevan, I tend to wear minimalistic looks because there are a lot of things going on and people like to mix everything, so I try to stick to minimalism.

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