Styling From Home

Styling From Home

WFH and OOTD don’t sound like they should be put together, but you and your confidence do, so why don’t you just keep boredom at bay? 

Hoodies during winter and leggings all season long… Alright, you can call us Ms “Bringing back your sense of style”. You are not surprised that your closet content is not bringing that engagement with you joy and confidence. The outfits seem repetitive and uninspired and you are lacking your enthusiastic interest in fashion. Well, say no more. To keep your styling engine going, we came up with a slew of different ways to combat boring fashion and shake up our routines.

Home Office style ideas
Shabeeg pyjama set; Inga Kazumyan pearl necklace; Anet's Collection eye-glasses chain

Looking for something perfect for both running errands & hopping on Zoom at a moment's notice? Here is a pyjama set which makes you feel both comfy and sexy even if you are just lounging around the house.

Home Office style idea outfit
Inga Kazumyan silver chunky chain and beaded chain; Lilit Sarkisian jersey set

 Encapsulate the spirit of “cool coworker” by just a jersey set which also features the artist's unfinished illustration in a floral theme.

Home Office style idea look
Brutents ceramic bowls; OtherMood dress; Inga Kazumyan pearl necklace

And when it’s the day of important syncs and meetups, you just don’t want to look messy. The OtherMood dress is designed for a relaxed fit tempered by an optional waist belt and has neat side pockets. Just slip into this dress and voila — you're ready for that monthly check-in with the team leads.

Home Office style ideas
Armine Ohanyan Paris t-shirt; Dirartonian ceramic earrings; Anet's Collection eye-glasses chain

A T-shirt is the clothing equivalent of the internet for work. Anywhere, anytime… our favorite one!

And last but not least, the jewelry! Nothing can make an ensemble shine quite like jewelry can.

Aside from the picks below, we’d encourage you to support small businesses. After all, you saved some money on commuting, didn’t you?

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