Sustainable fashion and eco design from recycled plastic bottles

Sustainable fashion and eco design

What it means and why we should care?

When we are thinking of fashion, there are several words that always come to our minds.

Fun, creative, sexy, glamorous, trendy, bold… But have you ever thought of adding “sustainable”, “eco-friendly” or “ethical” adjectives next to the word “fashion”?

What is sustainable fashion?

So, now you are rethinking your approach to fashion design, don’t you?

Eco friendly and sustainable lifestyle is a life-changing notion that educates us at every stage of life.

Today, many of us are looking at fashion as a concept of self-expression which, indeed, includes living in harmony with nature.

Whether it is a universal brand or a small business, many fashion companies are looking for ways to reduce the impact on the environment and give consumers a chance to enjoy their shopping experience with a clear conscience.

Sustainable and ethical fashion statement. Why should we care?

But what exactly means “Sustainable Fashion”?

Sustainable and ethical fashion is a more environmentally-friendly approach to designing, manufacturing and consuming clothes, minimizing or eliminating harm to our planet and its natural resources.

Most fashion brands are innovating new ways of sustainability in fashion. Some of them are following the Rule of 5Rs: Reduce, Repair, Recycle, Repurpose, and Reinvent.

While everything is clear about reducing, repairing and recycling, what exactly means repurposing and reinventing.

After all, we are talking about the industry of creativity, aesthetics and beauty. Whether it is a recycled material or second-hand clothing, it always goes through the creative process of redesigning and giving an artistic touch of a designer.

Sustainable fashion innovative technique by Khachiks brand

The perfect example is the brand “Khachik.s” which sets a new value to the lifestyle of conscious world citizens, by reinventing all stages of creating a product from design to production and delivery.

From plastic bottles to polyester yarns, the innovative 3D knitting technique gives casual and stylish bags a new meaning.

Here you go, explore the collection from sustainable fashion brands and live in a harmony with you and nature under the conceptual umbrella of sustainability.

How to support sustainable fashion?
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