The Map of Armenian National Costume

From Taraz to modern fashion

Armenia is a land of cultural heritage and traditions. Breathtaking natural, historical, and cultural landscapes, hidden-away towns, local cuisine and traditional clothing are the components of national identity.

Despite the changes over time in color, form, and material, the national costume of Armenians is handed down unchanged from the past.

The Armenian national dress is Taraz, and today the only use of it is presented to the public via folk and national dance groups.

However the local designers are often inspired from the colors, forms, shapes and the energy of Taraz.

Why energy? Because the true meaning of Taraz is far beyond being just clothing. It could tell a lot about the person who is wearing it from the lifestyle to the marital status.

Taraz was adorned with jewelry which was passed from generation to generation maintaining the value of family, history and culture.

The Map of Armenian National Costume

The Map of Armenian National Costume. Author: A. Patrick, 1930y.

Nowadays the Armenian fashion apparel industry has significantly evolved, reviving traditional elements and mixing them with modern design concepts.

Mixing traditional and contemporary styles can pose a challenge, but it’s also leading to the artsy and unique concepts that Armenian designers create.

The perfect example is the Armenian brand Shabeeg which is representing ancient and historical figures and elements printed on t-shirts and other clothing items to introduce symbols of Armenian heritage to the global market.

Shabeeg’s inspiration behind the new Armenian Collection is the traditional Armenian clothing called Taraz.

The purpose behind this collection is to modernise and make Taraz wearable in modern day society.

Shabeeg Mix Of Taraz T-Shirt
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