tribute to jane birkin at HAY-HAY

The Timeless Elegance of Jane Birkin: A Fashion Tribute by HAY-HAY

Remembering a True Style Icon and Her Enduring Influence on Fashion.

The fashion world was left in disbelief when news of the passing of the legendary Jane Birkin broke. An icon of genuine style and effortless chic aesthetics, she graced the industry with her unique fashion choices that continue to inspire generations.

At HAY-HAY Concept we choose to celebrate the lasting impact she had on the world of fashion. Her distinctive and timeless style will forever be etched in our hearts, and we honor her memory by cherishing the indelible mark she made on the industry.

Moreover, at HAY-HAY, we pay tribute to Jane Birkin by curating a collection of pieces that embody her style ethos. We believe that fashion enthusiasts should have the opportunity to embrace her grace and poise, channeling their inner Jane through our thoughtfully selected pieces.

The Unforgettable Jane Birkin

An English-French singer, model, actress, and Serge Gainsbourg's muse shaped and mirrored a distinctive fashion sense during the 1960s and 1970s. Her influence became a timeless source of inspiration for designers and fashion enthusiasts across different eras. She was best known for her bohemian flair and innate chicness. Her famous collaboration with Hermès and the creation of the legendary Birkin bag gave her the eternal status of a true fashion icon.

Effortless Bohemian Chic

tribute to jane birkin at HAY-HAY

If there was a vocabulary with "Jane Birkin style" as a word, it would be defined as "effortless bohemian chic." Her art of combining simple and classic pieces, touched by boho aesthetics, created a signature look that still inspires today. 

Jane Birkin tribute with HAY-HAY selection

Pyjama, Lace dress, Robe 

The Classic White Shirt

The Timeless Elegance of Jane Birkin:

There is no need for a magnifying glass to see Birkin's love for the classic white shirt and a t-shirt. She often paired it with denim jeans, pants, or a skirt - an air of casual elegance.  The looks were sometimes freshened by black blazers. 

Jane Birkin Tribute with HAY-HAY selection

Collarless shirt, Black blazer, Padded top

The Boho Dress

tribute to jane birkin at HAY-HAY

Jane Birkin's bohemian spirit was highlighted through her love for boho-inspired dresses, that perfectly captured her personality.

Jane Birkin Tribute with HAY-HAY selection
Printed dress, Silk camisole and skirt, Dress

The Birkin Bag

No tribute to Jane Birkin would be complete without mentioning the iconic Birkin bag.

tribute to jane birkin at HAY-HAY Quilted satchel

Straw bag phenomenon

Jane Birkin had a famous love affair with straw bags. It has become her signature style, perfectly completing her bohemian-chic ensembles.

tribute to jane birkin at HAY-HAY Straw bags - black and beige


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