April 24: from tradition to trends

April 24: from tradition to trends

24th of April is a symbolic day for every person of an Armenian origin, no matter where they live.

The Remembrance Day – people annually commemorate the victims of Armenian Genocide.

NAZAN bag strap; INCHKACHKA carpet pin and anahit pin

“Annually” though is a general word, as the ghost of the genocide still exists and co-exists in the everyday life as a result of the huge impact it had on fates of so many people.


Over 100 years have passed but the historical and cultural heritage have always united Armenians despite their location.


Talking about fashion as an important and inseparable component of culture we can definitely state that Armenian designers worldwide have managed to bring their prominent style, making “Made in Armenia” a trademark.

Traditional ornaments, colors, influences have found their expression in designers’ collections thus preserving Armenian origin and the feeling of belonging.

NAZAN tote bag; INCHKACHKA girl pin

On this day HAY-HAY team has decided to create an inspirational mood boards based on cultural memories, showing how traditions have integrated to trends.

LILIT SARKISIAN pomegranate pin; LUSIN earrings and ring

  1. Source: HMA 1293
  2. by Sergei Prokudin-Gorsky
  3. by Abdullah Frères
  4. by Dmitri Yermakov
  5. Source: armenia.raftis.org/costumes
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