Pop-up event in Zurich for Armenian designers

Hay-hay Zurich pop-up

On August 27, Armenian online concept store HAY-HAY opened a pop-up store in the concept store collab.zurich in Zurich, Switzerland.

Pop-up store in the concept store collab.zurich in Zurich, Switzerland.


The pop-up initiative is just one in the series of events organised by HAY-HAY online concept store to introduce the unique character of Armenian design to the European market. HAY-HAY paves the way for the exclusive Armenian design and ideas all over Europe.

Yerevan denim jacket by Shabeeg
Pomegranate t-shirt by Lilit Sarkisian
Black jacket from HAY-HAY collection by Seda Manoukian
Tilkian fanny bag from suede leather

The very first presentation of HAY-HAY online concept store took place in Tallinn, Estonia.

It was followed by a successful pop-up initiative in Riga, Latvia.

HAY-HAY collection apparel available in Zurich concept store

Lucine Ananyan, the founder of the project, shared her opinions on the past events and the main theme and purpose of the future initiatives, like the pop-up store in Zurich.

“A real-life presentation of Armenian design enables a wider perspective of what constitutes contemporary, modern Armenian fashion and design. European customers love and are curious to be introduced to new names, exclusive execution techniques, and prints.”

Founder of the HAY-HAY online concept store, Lucine Ayanian

HAY-HAY focusses on the uniqueness of Armenian design.

The project helps young and established designers achieve recognition on the international market by making their creations available to people all over the world.

Dress from HAY-HAY collection by Faina
Wooden sunglasses from HAY-HAY collection by Twinz
Bag from HAY-HAY collection by Anet's
Silk scarves from HAY-HAY collection by Artuyt

For the first time, HAY-HAY was hosting a pop-up in Switzerland for six days – from August 27 to September 1.

The Armenian vision of fashion in Zurich

This is an excellent opportunity for a greater number of people to get to know new talented names and become closer to the Armenian vision of fashion!

HAY-HAY pop-up in collab zurich concept store
HAY-HAY pop-up in Zurich for Swss customers
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