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2SKIN - Armenian Phrases

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Tattoos with Armenian phrases are made from soy-based inks, absolutely safe for the skin and satisfy all the necessary international standards for the quality of cosmetic products and children's toys. The tattoo lasts for 3-5 days.


  1. "No Money/ Broke", "Don’t ask for money" expresses the real meaning
  2. Literal translation "Don't look at me with one eye" means "Don't underestimate me"
  3. Literal translation "Liver" means "Sweetheart/ Dear"
  4. Literal translation"Left at home" means "Single for too long"
  5. Literal translation "Scratch your head if you have nails" means "You are the one to take care of your stuff" or "Don’t expect help"
  6. Literal translation "Piece of fire" means "Lit"
  7. Literal translation "My foot with benefits" means "Congratulations with new space/apartment" or "Good luck"
  8. Literal translation “Let me get blind” means “I am sorry”
  9. Literal translation "Ah, one thing for you" means "What the hell?!"
  10. Literal translation "Father's Sun" means "I swear God" or "I promise"
  11. Literal translation "Blood won't turn into water" means "Connections between relatives are tight"
  12. Crazy
  13. "I'd die for you means means" means "I adore you"
  14. Literal translation "Two wishes don’t fill one space" means "You have to prioritize your desires"



Cut the tattoo from the design set using a pair of scissors.
Gently peel off the plastic foil from the tattoo.
Do not apply a tattoo to the places of folds on the body
Wet the tattoo with water. It is easiest to use a soaked sponge and pat the tattoo gently.
30 seconds of soaking will do the trick.
The best way to remove tattoo is to use makeup remover with oil (It’s very easy)


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