HAY-HAY new branding packaging

2022 Overview


HAY-HAY orange rebranding

In 2022, we completely redesigned our visual language: the logos, colours and typography. With this new language, we wanted to state our mission, explore the roots where we are coming from and the destination where we are going.

Hay is the identity, design is the feeling expressed in the new branding.

Being a part of the fashion industry, we always prioritise emotions, feelings and sensations.

Graphic designer: Mariiam Kazarian 


Emerging Talents Milan x HAY-HAY


HAY-HAY Armenian Concept Store presented a selection of talented emerging Armenian designers on February 25th and 26th in Palazzo Visconti in Milan within Fall-Winter 2022/23 Emerging Talents Milan.

The showcase of HAY-HAY Concept included clothing collections as well as the jewellery lines from the following brands: ARMINE OHANYAN Paris, Inga Kazumyan, ZGEst, LOOM Weaving, IAMC Design.

We were thrilled to be featured in the prestigious media outlets. Special thanks to each coverage, we appreciate this opportunity. (Insert copies from the outlets)

Pop-up in Switzerland

HAY-HAY pop up at Palmar store

In August HAY-HAY concept store and fashion community organised an apéro shopping event in Zürich’s store of a Swiss brand Palmar.

This was a perfect opportunity to expand our fashion community and meet new people.


HAY-HAY newspaper

We have collected the work we produced at HAY-HAY since the very beginning to publish our first tabloid newspaper - articles, interviews, insights and everything in between.

The print version came out to travel the world, to inform and inspire. Also, we will have a digital version, so you can subscribe and stay tuned.

Graphic design Mariiam Kazarian 


Donation to Kooyrigs

HAY-HAY team is always thrilled to take part in the big mission of Kooyrig’s of providing essential support to people in Armenia and Artsakh.
It’s important to us to donate part of the proceeds in support of Armenian, women-led initiatives for launching community projects, implementing educational initiatives, and amplifying marginalised Armenian voices.

Auction lot for The Armenian Sister’s Academy

POSH ASA 2022 charity event

The Academy’s 38th annual POSH Gala Auction event was held on November 19 to provide scholarships to the school for students in need. HAY-HAY products were among the fund-raising items which supported the overall mission. As a result of an on-site auction, $5,976 has been raised, but a total of $235,000 for the school in Philadelphia, USA.

Community coverage

For the past year we have produced several video interviews with emerging Armenian brands, fashion community experts and artists from all over the world, expanding the HAY-HAY community worldwide. Full videos you can find on our Youtube channel

Man behind the video editing process - Georgi Avetisyan

HAY-HAY team event

Digital Content Managers - Yelena Gevorgyan and Arina Vardanyan; Founder and Creative Director - Lucine Ayanian (in the middle)

For the first time, HAY-HAY held its team building event in Yerevan, Armenia. Our small group of creators attended a clay workshop by one of our designers - Brutents. Trying out new things, discovering new skills, sharing emotions - a great opportunity for bonding.

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