HAY-HAY Celebrating 6 Birthday

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... or 6 things we love about us.

Today is HAY-HAY’s birthday and, to continue our traditions, we are celebrating our growth and passion. Today, we are not going to tell you about our mission and values (which we did last year, check it out if you missed it), but about the character of the HAY-HAY. Are there only 6 things we love about HAY-HAY? Absolutely no! But, to keep you intrigued, we are going to share the rest on our next birthday.

HAY-HAY Celebrating 6 Birthday

Soo.. here we go.

1. Communication

Chatting about market trends, discussing the latest fashion news, researching emerging brands and having long meetings about our values are the things that make us stronger and united in our communication with you. We value the time spent scrolling our social media, and every second you spend on the stories and interviews of designers we are producing. Communication, customer centricity and our culture are the keys to our everyday life with HAY-HAY.

HAY-HAY Celebrating 6 Birthday

2. Knowledge Sharing

From our founder Lucine’s domain expertise, and her insights on fashion events and community to Lena’s "aesthetic eye" for visual representation and Arina’s updates on AR & AI stuff, we love sharing our knowledge. We have embedded this in our culture from the start, which unlocks the benefits of finding better ways of doing things.

HAY-HAY Celebrating 6 Birthday

3. Challenges

Well, there’s no fun without challenges. Be it a personal or a professional challenge, we accept and embrace them with care just like our products. After all, they make us feel the wonderful sense of accomplishment to the fullest.

4. Variety

Getting creative is an easy task as we face various situations and cases which open diverse ranges of opportunities. Our collection, the designer and fashion community, you name it! We love variety in all shapes and sizes.

HAY-HAY Celebrating 6 Birthday

5. Contributing to a Larger Purpose

We preserved our main mission of showcasing Armenian culture and heritage through the uncharted territory of fashion. We believe that the mix of historic and contemporary design concepts will make people feel proud wearing the unique and inspiring art pieces created by Armenian designers.

HAY-HAY Celebrating 6 Birthday

6. A Good Laugh

Humor and laughter are our first aid in problem-solving and overall supporting each other. Anytime you make a mistake, you have to shake it off and have a good, liberating laugh.

Yes, we are 6 years "young" which means there is much more time to laugh, celebrate and live our best experience with HAY-HAY.

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