Explore Armenia with Pes-Pes

Hey there, it’s time to say hello to Pes-Pes, the coolest new addition at the HAY-HAY online concept store. Pes-Pes isn’t just another brand, it’s your ticket to a fun and adventure through the heart of Armenia, all from the comfort of your own home.

Imagine you’re strolling through the old streets of Yerevan or gazing up at the majestic Mount Ararat—all without leaving your living room. Pes-Pes makes this possible with their beautifully designed coloring maps. Each map is like a treasure hunt, waiting for you to bring it to life with your favorite colors. As you color, you'll uncover Armenia’s cultural landmarks, from the grand Republic Square to the shores of Lake Sevan.

HAY-HAY Explore Armenia with Pes-PesPes-Pes City Corouring Maps

Picture this: you and your family gathered around the kitchen table, crayons and markers scattered everywhere. Your little one is asking, “What’s this building, Mom?” and you’re learning right alongside them. Who knew coloring could be this educational and entertaining? But Pes-Pes doesn’t stop at maps. They offer trilingual coloring books that make learning about Armenian arts and architecture a colorful experience. Available in Armenian, English, and Russian, these books are perfect for kids (and adults!) who want to learn new languages while getting creative. 

HAY-HAY Explore Armenia with Pes-PesPes-Pes Colouring Book of Parajanov

What makes Pes-Pes truly special is that every product is proudly made in Armenia. Local artists pour their hearts into each design. Plus, you’re not just buying a product—you’re taking home a piece of Armenia’s soul. Imagine telling your friends, “This weekend, we colored the Cascade Complex and learned about its history!” Pes-Pes makes you the star of your own cultural exploration. Adventure awaits, one page at a time!

HAY-HAY Explore Armenia with Pes-PesPes-Pes Colouring Book with Monuments
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