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Pes-Pes is a vibrant and innovative brand dedicated to offering a colorful way to learn about Armenia. Specializing in educational and artistic products, Pes-Pes creates beautifully designed coloring maps. These maps allow children and their parents to explore the cultural landmarks and streets of the historic cities in a fun and engaging manner. In addition to maps, Pes-Pes offers trilingual coloring books themed around Armenian arts and architecture, available in Armenian, English, and Russian. These books serve as educational tools that combine creativity and learning, making it enjoyable for both kids and adults to discover the rich cultural heritage of Armenia.

Every Pes-Pes product is proudly made in Armenia, crafted by talented local artists, passionate educators, and caring parents. The brand is committed to preserving and promoting Armenian culture through creative expression, ensuring that each item not only provides an enriching educational experience but also supports the work of these local creators.

Pes-Pes stands out for its dedication to creating educational resources that foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of Armenia’s history and culture. By choosing Pes-Pes, customers support a brand that values sustainability, cultural preservation, and artistic excellence.

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