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Artist and fashion designer Anna Mirzoyan, born and raised in Yerevan, Armenia, in 1992 has shown interest in art since childhood.

From a very early age, she attended an art and fashion design studio.

To hone her skills, Mirzoyan entered the State College of Fine Arts after Panos Terlemezyan in her teenage years.

When studying, she decided to turn her hobby into a job.

The dream to acquire academic education and the search for new ways of self-expression led Mirzoyan to the prestigious Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts, from which she graduated with a Master’s Degree.

The examination board included Anna Mirzoyan in the Artists’ Union of Armenia for academic excellence.

During her academic years, Anna Mirzoyan participated in a number of exhibitions and fashion shows.

At the Navasrdyan Games competition, Anna Mirzoyan presented a sketch collection inspired by architecture and won the first prize.

Later, in 2014, Mirzoyan presented her architectural and artistic clothing collection at the Youth European Delphic Games, representing Armenia, and won the third prize. Anna Mirzoyan also teaches at the Gasparyan Art Studio

She collaborates with theatres, creating stage costumes for different performances. For Anna Mirzoyan, 2017 was the beginning of a new career phase.

The designer finally launched her eponymous label.

She applies different techniques and uses handmade items creating modern and original collections of clothes and accessories, inspired by modern art.

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