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Sven-Erik Rise

Oslo based Sven-Erik Rise, a Norwegian friend of Armenia, who has even picked an Armenian name for him – Tigran Van, has published the English version of his praised book “Hayastan – Why I love Armenia”, a love confession of a kind to this beautiful country and its people.

Sven-Erik is an Armenia expert who has written articles and op-eds about the country, and the Armenian genocide in Norway’s national and local newspapers.

He has led numerous public lectures about Armenia for varied audiences.

He has also been a tour leader for numerous tour groups from Norway to Armenia. Sven-Erik Rise proudly calls himself an “Armenian-by-choice” and dreams of having an Armenian passport.

One cold Norwegian December evening in 2016, after he had visited Armenia and spend a lot of time there, he came up with the idea to write down the feelings and stories from Armenia that overwhelmed him.

He had previously been studying the Genocide and the denial thereof, and has for many years gone to lectures, studies documents, read academic literature and interviewed genocide scholars all over the world in several foreign languages.

After only 2 short months, but many long nights he submitted his Norwegian language first-ever book to the publisher in Oslo.

The book was warmly accepted inside and outside Norway, and after many letters of interest from non-Norwegian speakers, the book was translated into English.

It has been translated by an authorized translator with English as his mother-tongue.

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