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ARMINE OHANYAN PARIS is a TECHNO-COUTURE brand that embodies ultra-femininity, elaborate refinement and modernity combined with an ethic & sustainable approach that calls for NO WASTE.

Following the First Prize in the E-Fashion Awards 2016 linking fashion and new technologies, the brand was created in 2017.

The designer was able to distinguish herself again by winning two other competitions: Fashion Tech Expo 2017 (Prix du Public) and Festival International des Créateurs de Mode de Dinan 2018 (Prix Coup de Coeur).

Armenian-born designer Armine Ohanyan is inspired by the “exact perfection” of NATURE and WOMAN: «My cultural heritage related to craftsmanship allows me to express myself with great richness and strength.»

The act of creation is nourished by the desire to preserve the KNOW-HOW and the CRAFTMANSHIP while giving them an exceptional dimension linked to the NEW TECHNOLOGIES such as laser cutting, thermoforming, 3D printing, etc.

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