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Sarine Saakian

ėSSä was founded by designer Sarine Saakian in 2017.

Graduated with excellence from A. N. Kosygin Moscow State Textile University, Sarine Saakian worked for numerous fashion houses, meantime creating collections for several Russian brands ( Wisdom, Masterpiece, Girlpower, Izeta, etc.).

Brand philosophy begins with high-quality materials, handmade, embroidery and painting on fabric.

When creating a collection, Sarine focuses primarily on individuality, undying aesthetics and courage.

ėSSä produces unique, complexed and sophisticated items, which feature evening and cocktail dresses with fringe, bathrobes, bombers, hoodies and t-shirts, suits and handmade bags.

Brand’s inspiration comes from combination of different cultures, eras, ethnicities as well as oriental motifs.

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