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Mariam Arshakyan

IAMC was born out of a desire to create jewelry that breaks the mold and pushes the boundaries of what modern jewelry design can be.

Each work reflects a distinct piece of the design philosophy and stands as an embodiment of the entire brand.

Founded in 2019, IAMC specialises in jewellery and architecture-inspired design objects and decor.

Mariam Arshakyan, the head designer, travelled to London in 2017 that eventually became a catalyst for the formation of the brand and the creation of the first pieces.

Each one of IAMC’s unique pieces represent the highest commitment to quality and authenticity.

Made of the most pure precious metals and showcasing exquisite craftsmanship, every piece is a special blend of design, fashion and artistry.

The name I AM SEA, evokes an age when Armenia spanned from sea to sea, and beckons us back to our roots.

This dichotomy is reflected in brand’s fusion of the traditional with the modern, of reconciling centuries old archetypes with the latest design trends and practices.

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