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Lilit Malkhasyan

Lilith is a brand for home decor and accessories.

The main inspiration of the brand is cultural transformation, mainly, how different cultural components, like art, craft, language, and craftsmanship methods, physical materials can be “translated” into contemporary pieces of home products and accessories.

As an Armenian brand, they started their own “transformation journey” with own culture.

They used different ethnic tales and poetry pieces for illustrations, Armenian tuff stone for home decor products, and created a story root of a new product.

Cornerstones of brand’s concept are honesty and vibrance with which the products shape a deep connection with the creative inner self and easily integrate into your life.

Our team consists of 4 sisters (if not by blood but for sure by heart): Tatev – who is in charge of our marketing, Mari – being the youngest member, is a source of our creative production’s settings, Lilit – our creator and designer and Vergine – as a muse of creations and model.

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