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The history of Papier d'Armenie® begins in the 19th century. During a trip to Armenia, Auguste Ponsot noticed that the inhabitants perfumed and disinfected their houses by burning Benzoin. Seduced by this traditional and ecological practice, he decided to import this product in France.

His partner, the pharmacist Henri Rivier, then discovered that by dissolving the benzoin in 90° alcohol, a persistent odor was obtained. The addition of perfume gives a pleasant and persistent aromatic mixture. All that remains is to find support. This will be the blotting paper which absorbs the mixture while retaining the original smell of Benzoin and burns slowly without making a flame.

The production of the oldest home fragrance is artisanal and worthy of that of a luxury product - 6 months and no less than 12 production stages are required to obtain the famous little notebook.

Mireille Schvartz, great-granddaughter of Henri Rivier, thus perpetuates the family tradition, scrupulously respecting this unique know-how which makes the success of Papier d'Armenie®.
Located in Montrouge from the start, the business is family owned. Some employees have been loyal to Papier d'Armenie® for 3 generations.

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