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ATEX Fashion center was founded in 1991, and became the first fashion education provider in Armenia that teaches designers as well as leads fashion related shows and events.

Nowadays, the center is an official representative of the Charity Fund Russian Silhoette in Armenia, that organises and cunducts the semi-finals of the annual contest among young designers.

ATEX graduates succesfully work worldwide in charge of well known brands, as well as have their own labels.

One of the graduates, Seda Manukyan, together with ATEX Fashion Center released a collection Black Phantom, which was presented during Mercedez-Benz Kiev Fashion Days.

Seda Manukyan is practising design and styling since 2006.

In her collections she highlights versatility and minimalism.

All items are interchangeable and unisex, for men and women with strong character.

2011- Russian Silhouette, international competition.

1st place and internships in France 2012- Chevrolet, Young Creative Chevrolet International competition (semi final in Armenia). 1st place

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