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Alla Pavlova

Founded in 2016, Z.G.EST’s mission is to deliver timeless and sustainable fashion with an emphasis on quality, functionality, and style.

Simple yet sophisticated designs are made in Armenia, entirely from biodegradable and surplus stock.

Mixing simplicity with sophistication, Z.G.EST creates timeless and sustainable clothing for creative and bright women with free spirit and passion for life.

They tell the story of elegance and show exceptionality by mixing, matching, and layering the shirts and dresses.

In the ethical production process, the quality of stitching and the use of premium cotton fabrics are of prime importance.

Thoughtfully designed modern wardrobe essentials include oversized and comfortable pieces that suit all body types and give the feeling of confidence both at work and beyond office hours.

Choosing Z.G.EST, one invests in the future of ethical fashion and sustainability.

At Z.G.EST, the unique pieces are designed to last for many years, using exclusively biodegradable and surplus stock fabrics to free our Planet from hazardous waste.

While emphasising design, Z.G.EST firmly commits to the ethical production process and development of craftsmanship in Armenia.

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